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Use SPIN Studio to create interactive experiences that transform learning, increase engagement and improve recall.

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With zero downtime I had the opportunity to see firsthand how improving workflows can create a more efficient café – and pay dividends to store profits and customer satisfaction.

Scott Callendar, La Marzocco

Scott CallendarVP of Marketing and Consumer Strategy

Training an onslaught of seasonal workers is daunting, but with interactive training that leverages the power of XR, we can scale training and guarantee mentorship from our best leads to all the new hires simultaneously.

Spencer Earle, evo

Spencer EarleDirector of Operations and Technology

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We wanted to go beyond the usual brochures and PowerPoint. XR allows us to bring our sales team into an actual product environment where they are guided through a real experience.

Mimi Spier, Wmware

Mimi SpierLearning Development

XR for today, tomorrow and always

Future proof your XR investement by using SPIN Studio to create
and scale your interactive training programs with 360°, 180°, or flat videos.

Give your flat videos new life by adding interactive XR elements.

Create augmented environments for iPhones and iPads.

Go beyond headsets and experience your VR creations across any device

Powered by the Cloud

Mega, Giga, Tera bytes don’t matter now when your XR experiences are delivered by the cloud
for maximum streaming at highest quality and fastest speeds.

Turn hours into minutes with lightning fast parallel cloud encoding for your XR experiences.

Process 16K+ resolution files and rest easy with ubiquitous file format support.

Experience cloud-delivered XR immersive experiences on Microsoft Hololens and Oculus VR Headsets.

XR at scale

Deliver the ultimate audience experience by expanding the reach of your XR content to any device
including mobile, laptop, headset (AR, VR, MR), and TV (Apple, Amazon).

Lead your users through XR experiences with complete playback control using SPIN Guide.

Easily manage your fleet of devices in one place with the fleet management system.

Download your interactive experiences to multiple devices with just a click and a drag of your finger.

Cross realities with a single platform

Use SPIN Studio the leading XR-native platform powered by the cloud to create,
scale and analyze interactive experiences for your organization.

Folder Manage


Upload and manage hundreds of 180°, 360°, or flat video camera clips, audio files, and images no matter the size.



Quickly level horizons, color correct, and stitch in minutes instead of hours with the power of the cloud.

Create icon


Use the Ingenic VR Editor to create stories with branching narratives, hyperports, pop-ups, images, text, and quizzes.



Stream highest quality XR content, use guide mode to direct your user’s journey, or locally download content.

Analyze Data


Track user engagement and aggregated session data with advanced analytics including heat maps and dashboards.



Reach your viewers where they are by delivering your experiences across mobile, laptop, and headsets.

See SPIN Studio in action

Manage Devices

Use device groups to deploy experiences to multiple devices for offline viewing.

Media Management

Organize, filter, and encode assets in your cloud-hosted library.

Interactive Stories

Gather media and assets, and add your Creator Device (Oculus Quest or Rift).

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