vr films at cannes next 2017

Cannes Film Festival celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2017, and we’ve curated a selection of five cutting-edge 360 films from Cannes Next 2017.

Cannes Film Festival’s innovation hub, Next, focuses on 360/VR films this year and features a large lineup (over 100 works!) of incredible films in this emerging storytelling medium. VR films can be viewed in booths, in theaters, or at participants’ leisure through the VR film library. We’re thrilled to see such an extensive lineup of films from all around the world.

We’ve curated a selection of five cutting-edge 360 films from Cannes Next 2017:

360 video still of Museum of Art History Vienna

360° Museum of Art History Vienna

Director: Arman T. Riahi, Arash T. Riahi, Producer: Raphael Barth

In this cutting edge interactive 360° VR film you can choose between different plots and gain insights into the Museum of Art History Vienna, which visitors will never be able to get. Interactive storytelling and hotspots make this film unique. It was shot on nakedEYE and with full ambisonic sound.

still from vr film Separate Silences

Separate Silences

Director: David Wedel, Producer: Mette Alsen Vittrup, Signe Ungermand & Maria Herholdt Engermann 

A two person installation combining multiple POV’s and physical stimulation to achieve a more credible state of presence. A pioneering hybrid VR production that incorporates film, theater and live-action VR. Experience floating between worlds within yourself and the hospital you are admitted to.

The Last Wonderland Poster

The Last Wonderland

Director: Ke Shi, Producer: BoundlessX

A portrait of the intact forest landscapes in Shangri-la, Yunnan: an unbroken expanse of natural ecosystems within the zone of current forest extent.

Still from Jafri


Director: Michael Beets, Producer: Melissa Benavides and Sophie Woods

Every friday, an African-Australian man, stands silently in the middle of Melbourne’s busiest intersection – challenging the beliefs of passers-by.

Viva la Evolucion


Director: Fifer Garbesi, Producer: Fifer Garbesi, Ian Forester & James Baron

After the lifting of the embargo, the godfather of Cuban electronic music struggles between international recognition and his underground roots.

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