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Spin endless worlds with our broad new platform for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality storytelling.

Pixvana SPIN simplifies high quality VR video delivery for creators and distributors, optimizing content for any headset. The of the platform rolling out this month are SPIN Publish and SPIN Play. SPIN Publish generates one-button encoding of VR content using our innovative field-of-view adaptive streaming (FOVAS) technology. SPIN Play helps businesses deliver VR video experiences to targeted audiences across all major headsets.

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We chose to name our first product name “SPIN” because it captures the innumerable ways that virtual (VR), augmented (AR), and mixed reality (MR) are shaping cinematic storytelling. At Pixvana, we use the term XR to encompass present (VR, AR, MR) and future terms (X-Reality) for virtual environments. It’s our way of describing the broad new frontier of storytelling. Similarly, “SPIN” captures the chaos, dynamism, and allure of virtual reality as an emerging medium for building new universes and new stories.

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Adjust Your Focus & Reclaim Rotation

Just like a DJ mixes music or a dancer choreographs movement, virtual reality creators spin together narrative, visual content, and sound into a playlist of experience. Establishing the feeling of presence requires complex storytelling artistry and spatial composition. In the coming months, Pixvana SPIN will introduce a comprehensive suite of VR video authoring and production tools – accessible to anyone from anywhere, in the cloud.

In virtual environments, rotating worlds of experience exist in an ever-expanding universe. The viewer has many possible paths and perspectives. While traditional TV and film present a single point of view, VR video centers the viewer in an immersive, 360-degree sphere. The viewer guides and rotates the universe that surrounds them. Spin your own story with a swivel of the chair, head movement, or even a slight glance. The unfolding series of potential experience in VR continually ask the visitor to create their own experience, as if maneuvering through a cipher.

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Pixvana SPIN Studio

Pixvana is developing a platform for content creation and delivery for the emerging mediums of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. Sign up for a SPIN Studio free trial account today and test drive the future of XR storytelling!

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