VR Video Case Studies

An overview of business ROI and technical and creative issues surrounding VR Video production

Publish 360 Videos on Steam

Use SPIN Studio to prepare and publish 360 videos on Steam

Pixvana has partnered with Valve to integrate SPIN Studio and Steam 360 Video — learn how to make and publish videos to the Steam 360 Video marketplace.  360 videos can be monetized with per episode or series pricing, and Steam supports a variety of merchandising and promotional capabilities.

VR Video Fashion Shoot

Use RED Cinema cameras to capture Ultra-High-Resolution VR Video

As we were building our Pixvana SPIN Studio platform in early 2016 we realized we needed some source footage of the absolute *highest possible* resolution.  On this shoot using RED Cinema cameras, we got what we asked for!

VR Amusement Park Ride

Capture VR Video footage in a very dynamic location

Examine the cameras and shooting techniques used by Wundervu to capture VR video in an unpredictable environment–in the front seat of a wet-rollercoaster ride!  Jurassic Park River Adventure becomes a compelling virtual reality experience.

Green Lake Seattle in VR

Use GPS and normalized "North" Metadata in VR Geotours

This interactive Geotour presents the viewer with hyperports surrounding the south-end of Green Lake in Seattle WA.  GPS coordinates are captured, along with compass readings for each shot, so that all cameras can be normalized and oriented to a common “north”.

SFO Bay Boardwalk VR

Design interactive hotspot "hyperports"

Director Matt Silverman from Swordfish, a San Francisco creative design agency, built a gaze-based interactive hyperporting tour using the SPIN Play SDK and Unity 3D.  The VR videos taken in various spots along the San Francisco Bay Boardwalk area form a interactive VR experience.

SIFF VR Film Festival

Program VR Film screenings for audiences at festivals

Presenting VR Films and Videos to audiences can be cumbersome and require lots of cables and pulling-hair to prepare headsets and administer them to viewers at screenings.  The Seattle International Film Festival used SPIN Studio to organize their VR Zone program–learn how.

Hide and Go Seek in 360°

Design a VR Video that encourages viewer gaze exploration

Behind the scenes on two interactive Hide and Go Seek VR experiences shot on location at Comic-Con with the Google JUMP VR Camera as high-resolution stereo/3D.