Publish VR Videos on Steam 360 Video Marketplace

Atmosphaeres creates immersive 360° nature & travel VR videos for personal wellbeing, and offers them through multiple VR content and app stores

Publishing VR Videos on the Steam 360 VR Video marketplace

Atmosphaeres has been creating immersive 360 nature and travel VR videos for viewers to enjoy as personal relaxation and wellbeing.  Director Eric Fassbender has been filming high-quality 360/VR video using a variety of 360° video cameras, and using various stitching and post-production techniques to create 8k+ resolution master programs with spatial sound and music scores.  In the nascent market for VR video Atmosphaeres have published on many distribution channels to reach their audience. They created custom apps for VR app stores as well as offering direct VR video downloads from their website, which users needed to side-load onto VR devices. They also offer their VR Experiences to industry partners and VR distributors as well as offer individual 360 video clips for stock licensing purposes.

When Valve announced their 360 VR Video program (in partnership with Pixvana), Atmosphaeres were excited to try the Steam Video marketplace because it was the first of its kind to offer commercial viewing options to 360 video creators.  In this case study we’ll review the steps to create a high-quality video, and publish it on Steam as a 360 VR Video program.

Using SPIN Studio to package and publish VR Videos for distribution on Steam 360 Video Store

Atmosphaeres uploads all of their VR video master programs with ambisonic audio at the highest possible resolution and quality as possible.  These masters form the basis of their library of content inside their SPIN Studio account (pictured).  Watch this video (on left) in which Dr. Eric Fassbender walks through all the steps in both SPIN Studio and Valve’s Steam app publishing platform.

Pixvana’s Spin Studio is a really powerful tool that allows us to transport people to many different naturally relaxing places around the world. The direct management of these assets in Spin Studio make it incredibly easy to deliver a great experience to our viewers in little to no time.

Dr. Eric Fassbender | Atmosphaeres