Immersive VR Water Ride Experience

This case study examines the tools and techniques used to turn the Jurassic Park River Adventure into an immersive VR water ride experience

Capturing the Jurassic Park Experience in 360 Degrees

Today VR can take you almost anywhere, including the very top of a roller coaster. As the virtual reality space has grown, VR rides have become more popular, and it’s now possible to feel all the exhilaration of hurtling down a steep incline at top speed from the comfort of your own home. In collaboration with SYFY Wire, Wundervu set out to create exactly this kind of experience, giving people around the world the chance to ride one of Universal Studios Orlando’s attractions: the Jurassic Park River Adventure!

In this case study, we’ll discuss some of the production choices Wundervu made in order to create the best VR ride experience possible, as well as challenges they faced shooting VR content on a boat.

Shooting VR Content in an Unpredictable Location

Because this VR video had to be shot on a moving boat, capturing the talent’s reaction to the ride while also ensuring that the environment did not interfere with the video quality, certain aspects of the shoot had to be carefully considered. To create this engaging 360 adventure, Wundervu had to choose the right camera, test the equipment, and deal with all the challenges posed by a dynamic (and semi-aquatic) environment.

Choosing the Perfect Camera

Knowing that the client had requested delivery on YouTube, and having some idea of what the ride would involve, Wondervu selected the GoPro Fusion. The Fusion delivers up to 5K video output (YouTube only requires 4K), is water-resistant, and includes stabilization in the stitching software, making it perfect for the job.

Simulating Shoot Conditions for Testing

Having never used the Fusion for a client before, we had to thoroughly test the camera thoroughly before heading into the field. Wundervu used a Segway transporter device to test the camera’s stabilization on a moving surface. To test the Fusion in changing light conditions, they drove the Segway into a dark closet.

Working with the Talent

During the shoot, the primary camera was positioned at the front of the boat. One problem remained: how to discreetly wipe water off of the 360° camera’s lens. Initially they had the camera operator sit in the boat as an extra, but with the primary camera at the front of the boat, he was unable to reach the lens. Fortunately the talent was willing to help, so the camera operator gave them a cloth when he knew water had hit the lens.

Watch “Experience Jurassic Park River Adventure in 360°” Now

You can watch the final product on YouTube, or view it inside of your VR headset on Oculus Video.

Interested in learning more about Wundervu? Click below to visit their website!