Creating VR Content at Pixvana Summer Social

Case Study: Team Pixvana headed out to Golden Gardens for our annual summer social, but this year we challenged our employees to take a 360 camera with them to see what kind of VR content they could create!    

VR Challenge Accepted! 

We know that our employees all know 360 video like the back of their hand, but we then posed the question: could they actually create the content themselves? That was to be determined. 

The concept of the challenge was to create a VR experience that captured the summer social from the various viewpoints of our employees and create an inclusive piece of content that was produced straight from the creators of SPIN Studio themselves.

A Quick Lesson: VR 102

VR Video presents a constant challenge when it comes to capturing high quality footage in busy locations, such as Golden Gardens and we all needed a quick tutorial before we were sent out to capture our footage.

To begin the lesson, Pixvana’s in house production team WunderVu, provided us with an in depth tutorial on how to use the cameras and where to capture the best footage. We were lucky enough to choose from three cameras: The GoPro Fusion, the Insta 360 Pro and the GoPro Omni. Wundervu also provide us with a course of action specific to each camera so we could ensure that we were getting the best possible content despite our limitations of bright sunlight, ocean water and of course moving bodies everywhere.

Testing Locations Around the Area

The tricky part about capturing VR content is that everything is in the shot – including the tri-pod so it took some creativity to figure out how to get the least amount of distractions in the shot while still capturing compelling content. With the Onmi and the Insta 360 we were able to place the camera in any location and then use the cameras smartphone application to preview the footage before hitting record. From there we had the the ability to go back and re-adjust our camera based upon lighting, the surrounding settings and anything else that may have impacted the shot throughout the course of the day.

3,2,1, Action!

Once each Pixvanian finished their test shots and figured out the best area for shooting their content it was up to them to execute what they had learned and create some amazing footage! Whether that be placing the Omni GoPro in the middle of a juggling circle, taking the Insta 360 out to the water or even placing the GoPro Fusion inside of the cornhole box – those creative decisions were completely up to Team Pixvana and their vision for how they wanted to create content.

Stitching the Content

Once Team Pixvana had collected all their content – each member was then tasked with the project of uploading their content to SPIN Studio and using the stitcher to piece together the content. This part is equally as difficult as capturing the footage because being on a beach meant uneven grounds which ultimately can cause uneven stitch lines. Once inside the stitcher we were able to set the Nadir, adjust the viewpoint in the shot and also apply color enhancements to the footage. From there we were able to hit “Stitch” and await for our amazing content to be created!

We Had a Blast!

Creating VR Video always poses a challenge due to such a high number of limitations. Through immense teamwork and creative minds we were able to come together as a company an create unique content to showcase the vision of XR Storytelling through the eyes of our own employees.