Sharing your 360 content has never been easier! Whether it’s for internal daily reviews, the press or even just friends and family, our Share Key feature allows you to quickly and effectively share your VR video experiences with others!  Easier than pairing, using Share Keys allow you to share content without needing to be synchronous with your viewers.  Simply give them the Share Key and they can view your content any time.

What is it?

Share Key: is a 9 character key sequence that your viewers can enter in SPIN Play and then gain access to your SPIN.  This is the perfect solution for sharing to the Oculus Go, which does not support web app deep linking.

Key Link: is the equivalent of the 9-character key, but as a web link. VR devices that allow you to click on a link – such as a Daydream or Gear VR supported phones, or any Windows machine device like Rift or Windows Mix Reality headset is able to consume this link as well.

Even more exciting however, is key sharing is available across ALL major headsets including: Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Oculus Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google Daydream enabled devices and Windows MR headset.

How do I use it?

With just three simple steps you’ll be sharing your content in no time! First you’ll want to go into your SPIN Studio account and find the SPIN you would like to share. Once found, click on the SPIN Settings in the top right. From there you will then be able to choose to share via Share Key or Key Link.  In the example below, the Share Key is 9H6-X2M-FBD.

Step 1 SPIN Studio Share Key

Now you can share your 360 content!

You will want to make sure that your viewers have the SPIN Play app downloaded before beginning. Once you have copied either your Share Key or your Key Link you will then need to share it with your viewers.  The most straight forward way is to simply share the Share Key, which can be entered in SPIN Play on any device.

Viewers open the SPIN Play app and then once inside they will find the button titled “Enter Key”.

Step 2 SPIN Studio Share Key

Once your viewer has clicked on the button they will be prompted to enter the 9 digit character key (no need to enter the dashes) into the cells using the keyboard and then click GO!

Step 3 SPIN Studio

Your videos should then appear and be available for playback for your viewers!

Step 4 SPIN Studio

To make this even more exciting – we added one more feature!

You can also use Auto Play with the Share Key feature!

Step 5 SPIN Studio

Now your viewers can enjoy your content with ease from wherever they may be!  Try out SPIN Studio for yourself and start sharing your content today.

For troubleshooting, see our help article or drop us a line at

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