Scott Squires Pixvana HPA Tech Retreat

Pixvana’s CTO/CD and Co-Founder, Scott Squires, is participating in the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Tech Retreat in Palm Springs, CA, which will explore the challenges that creators face in effectively harnessing XR technologies.

Scott will lend his expertise in the VR and film industries to the “VR Seminar” and “Production in the Cloud: Pitfalls and Epiphanies” panel.

VR Seminar

February 20th, 2017

The HPA Tech Retreat brings together top industry experts for uniquely unbiased and authentic discussion, deliberation, debate, and needle-moving for important technologies and workflows. HPA TR-X, held the day before the Tech Retreat, offers an exceptional exploration of Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Co-Chairs Lucas Wilson (Founder-Executive Producer, SuperSphereVR) and Marcie Jastrow (SVP Immersive Media, Head, Technicolor Experience Center), will lead a discussion focused on the changing VR-AR landscape in the context of rapidly growing integration into entertainment and applications. Thought leaders and creative panelists will tackle crucial questions: What do you need to understand? How do you adapt? What are the workflows? Storytellers, technologists, and industry leaders provide an overview of technology and marketplace and discuss how to harness emerging technologies in the service of the artistic vision. A series of diverse case studies and creative explorations – from NASA to the NFL – examine how to engage the audience.


Production in the Cloud: Pitfalls and Epiphanies

February 23rd, 2017

As bandwidth and WiFi reliability increases, productions are finding increased benefit in accomplishing production work in the cloud.  The cloud has not only accelerated remote collaboration on long-time digital processes, its mere existence has opened up automation not previously attempted from pre-production through post.  But there can be painful experiences for early adopters using this new technology.  This panel, referencing specific use cases, will highlight the pros and cons of current cloud production, the importance of security, and the potential of cross-app communication for more streamlining of the work, and provide a glimpse of cloud production in the coming years.


Moderator: Wendy Aylsworth, Walden Pond
Alex LoVerde, SyncOnSet
Joshua Kolden, Avalanche
Rich Welsh, Sundog Media Toolkit
Scott Squires, Pixvana
Gurparkash Saini, Avid

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