Team Pixvana at Mangia Bene Catering

To rev up for the launch of our beta program (more coming on that soon!), Team Pixvana ditched the office for an evening of culinary team building in a neighborhood kitchen. We visited Mangia Bene Catering, tied on aprons, and prepared a mouth-watering medley of North African, Syrian, and Mediterranean dishes. The art of preparing food is not unlike the art of building a great product – cuisine and software both require intentional recipes, curiosity, fine ingredients, iterative testing, patience, teamwork, and a handful of magic.

OR, a glug of alchemy…

OR, a bushel of mind-blowing…

OR, a pinch of wizardry…

OR, a lot of salt.

Team Pixvana Culinary Team Building

Mangia Bene Catering

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