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Calling all VR artists, developers, filmmakers, producers, and creators! Distribute your 360/VR video projects directly to Steam with SPIN Studio.

Distribute Immersive Experiences with Pixvana and Valve

With over 125 million users, 10,000 games, and 400 million pieces of user-generated content, Steam has built a global audience and marketplace for immersive entertainment. Their VR content catalogue is quickly growing, offering creators a distribution pipeline with significant reach.

Earlier this year, Valve built a 360 video player for Steam with Pixvana’s SPIN Play SDK to enable high resolution, adaptive streaming. It’s easy for SPIN Studio users to export their content to Steam in just a few steps: become a Steam Partner, create a SPIN Studio account, upload media, render, and export!



1. Become a Steam Partner

Steam supports feature films, episodic or serial content and tutorials (illustration, design, modeling, audio, software, etc.). Videos do not have to be specific to games or the gaming genre. Rights to distribute worldwide are desired to reach all Steam customers.

To apply to become a Steam Partner, email the following information to

  1. A short description of your video content and/or a link to a trailer or preview video.
  2. If you are not a current Steam partner, please supply a Steam Account name that belongs to someone at your company with the authority to sign contracts and enter banking and tax information.
  3. Create a new application on Steam (Don’t forget this! It’s not possible to export from SPIN Studio without an app).

2. Sign up for SPIN Studio

Create your free SPIN Studio account.

3. Create Account

Head over to and click on “Account Sign Up” to create your account.

4. Prep VR Media


Next, log in to SPIN Studio and follow the instructions to download the uploader. Pixvana SPIN Upload is an application that lets you quickly send your VR masters to cloud storage by dragging and dropping files into the upload queue. It will only take a minute to get it installed and working on your desktop.

Download the app from the Pixvana website or from the SPIN Studio interface. For Windows, simply double-click the installer, authorize the installation, and the app will place a shortcut on your desktop. The first step to copying media to your account on the SPIN Studio cloud service is to sign in to the SPIN Upload app with the same email and password that you were sent when you first created your SPIN Studio account. Once you log in, you can drag and drop files onto the interface to add files to the upload queue.

What file formats and platforms does SPIN Studio support? Review the current tech specs.

Create Experience

SPIN Studio Experiences are collections of VR media, which can be viewed using the SPIN Play application in your headset or on the web. When logged in to Pixvana SPIN Studio, click Create Experience.

Create a title for your experience and click Create. In your new SPIN Studio Experience, add videos from your assets library.


To encode your video for streaming, choose which Open Projection Format (OPF) is best for your project.

For 4K content, equirectangular is a good format. Frustum projection breaks the video into tiled views and is great for high resolution content. If you’re creating a custom player with our SDK, you’ll want to render the assets with Frustum.

Preview Videos

Once your experience has been rendered, you can preview your content right in your browser. In your rendered experience, hover over one of your videos and click on the preview icon. This will launch the web player in your browser.  Click and drag to see all of the video’s angles. You can change the streaming bitrate using the menu in the bottom right.

To preview your content in an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset, download SPIN Play from the Steam storethen use the “VR Access” button to launch the app on your computer. Put on your headset to see how your project looks!

5. Export to Steam

Select video and click Export. Connect to Steam by entering your login credentials, allow SPIN Studio access, and start the export. If you receive an error message with a spinning circle here, make sure you have created a new application in your Steam account.


Questions? Submit a support ticket!

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