First, some history. From the beginning of SPIN Play’s development, the idea of interactivity was central. We knew that in order for viewers to have the most impactful experience possible, there needed to be a way for them to interact with experiences. As Pixvana grew and evolved, interactivity remained a guiding vision; as we ventured into new territories, we kept learning and re-learning that it was key to viewer engagement, learning, and retention.

Fast-forward through the development of SPIN Studio, a suite of tools designed to put the power of interactivity in the user’s hands. Viewers can toggle graphics, teleport from one scene to the next, or navigate through branching storylines. But of course, we’re not stopping there! SPIN users like you have expressed one major area where interactivity could use a huge upgrade: quizzing.

Quizzing is a no-brainer, high-results method of engaging viewers, verifying their understanding before progressing during a lesson, and checking their comprehension after a learning experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that SPIN Studio’s quizzing feature just got an enormous upgrade


Our quizzing toolset (or, as we call it, Quizzing) allows you to create multiple-choice or single-response quizzes to easily deploy to iPads, iPhones, VR headsets, and any device that can access Google Chrome. Quizzing automatically collects, records, and stores all responses on the cloud. From SPIN Studio, you’re able to look at individual results or trends in data, which can help you track each user’s performance and measure whether your experience is actually getting key information across.


Here are some of our favorite features from our new Quizzing widget:

  • Create questions and answer choices from your computer
  • Track each user’s performance with unique user I.D.s for every assessment
  • View real-time results as users submit their quizzes
  • Auto-store quiz responses on SPIN Studio
  • Leverage individual or aggregated response data to understand trends and optimize experiences
  • Tailor look and feel of quiz and experience based on your brand guidelines

With Quizzing, you give your viewers yet another key point of interactivity while supplying yourself with invaluable data. Quiz results not only give you information about individual performance, but they help you evaluate what your viewers are taking away from your experience and optimize it for maximum learning and retention.

Strive for an A+ and try our new-and-improved Quizzing today with SPIN Studio Lite!


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