Pixvana VR and 360 Blogs Must Read

Are you tired of reading dry, impersonal virtual reality and 360 video news? Have you been looking for engaging takes on content creation and delivery, industry news, and virtual reality hardware?

Look no further—we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite blogs, vlogs, and newsletters.

Dive into the nitty-gritty of creating 360 video and virtual reality experiences alongside these industry leaders.

Charlie Fink

Former Disney, AOL, and AG Interactive executive Charlie Fink is a theatrical producer, arts advocate, and VR consultant. As a regular contributor to VR Voice, HuffPost, and Forbes, Fink writes about AR, VR, and New Media. Read his takes on industry news, which are peppered with insider info.


Cécile Eskenazi

Product marketing leader Cécile Eskenazi often writes for VRScout and Haptical and is an Oculus Launch Pad 2017 participant. She documents her experiences on A VR Journey, a web show and blog that shows viewers how to create 360 video and VR content. Currently, her vlogs give viewers insight into the victories and challenges involved in developing her prototype for Oculus. She also covers industry events, reviews products, and offers technical tutorials.


VR Film Review

VR Film Review is the brainchild of Georgy Molodtsov, an award-winning film and commercial director, festival programmer, and social entrepreneur. Molodtsov updates the database of 360 and VR films and festivals with the latest on new media as well as his insights into the virtual reality film industry.



Sophia Dominguez is the CEO of SVRF, a recently-launched search engine for VR content. Subscribe to her weekly curated newsletter, AllThingsVR, and become a VR expert.


Contrast VR

Contrast VR is Al Jazeera’s new immersive media studio that “has access to real, powerful stories in regions of the world hardest hit by inequality, conflict and underdevelopment.” While they just published the first blog post in their weekly series, the articles that they’ve shared since signal a steady stream of high quality behind-the-scenes info. Check out their interview with two animators that the studio’s collaborated with—they talk about how animation can propel 360º narratives.


BBC Research & Development

The BBC Research & Development department began studying and developing 360 video and virtual reality technologies for broadcast purposes in 2014. Since then, the team has published their findings from studies on user experience, 360 sound, and much more. Thanks to BBC Taster, the network’s testing ground for 360 and virtual reality videos, researchers are able to quickly measure audience responses to experimental content. Check out their fantastic advice on producing VR projects, read the latest on their cutting-edge work to design and test subtitles for 360 video, and more.


Virtual Reality Pop

Founded and edited by VR Evangelist Helen Situ, Virtual Reality Pop is the place to go for technical posts, VR news, and opinion pieces written by over 200 VR leaders from across the globe. From advice on how to start a VR arcade to thoughts on smell design, Virtual Reality Pop publishes high quality, thoughtful articles: you can sign up for the newsletter here.


Journalism 360

Journalism 360 is a collaboration between the Knight Foundation, Google News Lab, and the Online News Association that connects journalists experimenting in immersive storytelling. The network’s bloggersconsider critical questions and share lessons they’ve learned. Topics include the ethics of VR journalisma guide to pitching a 360 video to the New York Times, and advice from the managing editor of LIFE VR.


Inside VR & AR

Inside VR & AR provides concise, daily updates on industry news and virtual reality content. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.


Scottie Gardonio

Graphic designer, creative manager, and AR/VR enthusiast Scottie Gardonio writes about industry news and the future of immersive technologies. She ponders questions such as “Who Will be the AR/VR Social Media Giant?” and “Will AR/VR Replace Travel & Tourism?” with wit and clarity.


Voices of VR

Okay, so, Voices of VR is a podcast, not a blog, but we had to include it on our list. Kent Bye, the VR developer behind the podcast, has published over 500 interviews with game and app developers, researchers, and academics. Seeking a diverse range of insights into VR’s social applications and best practices, Bye asks all of his interviewees, “what do you think the ultimate potential of virtual reality is?” and shares new episodes three to five times a week. If you’re looking to learn more about the fundamentals of virtual reality, check out this list of top episodes.

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