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The inaugural Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival opens today in Brisbane, and we’re excited about the 360/VR content slated for viewing.

The festival kicks off tonight with a keynote by VRTOV’s Creative Director Oscar Raby. An industry panel follows, featuring Tyrone Estephan, Senior Producer at Alt.vfx; Benjamin Richards, Director of Creative Development & Innovation for Cutting Edge; Kris Stewart, Artistic Director of Brisbane Powerhouse; Sam Hussey, Managing Director/CEO at Lightweave; Jessie Hughes, new media artist; and Lincoln Savage, AVRFF Director.

We can’t wait to see these four films from the festival’s 360/VR program.

I, Philip

Directed by Pierre Zandrowicz, Produced by Antoine Cayrol

In this film, the viewer embodies Phil, who is an android replica of the famous sci-fi author Philip K. Dick. Experience empathy for a robot as you’re gawked at and eventually abandoned. Read an interview with Zandrowicz and Cayrol, the film’s creators.


Directed by Jerome Blanquet, Produced by Antoine Cayrol

This 360 film capitalizes on the blurriness that often detract from VR experiences by stitching together a disorienting and surreal experience. The film follows Alexandro, who is invaded by a form of A.I. after volunteering to participate in a dream study.

To learn about mass incarceration, watch Step to the Line.

Directed and Produced by Ricardo Laganaro

Produced as part of Oculus VR for Good, Laganaro’s film documents the impacts of an entrepreneurship program on incarcerated people in a California prison. The 360 film sheds a light on systemic injustice by bringing viewers into an intimate exercise for which the film is named, during which volunteers and incarcerated participants respond to a list of statements. Laganaro also gives viewers a fleeting yet visceral experience of the prison’s tiny cells.

Interested in a female-fronted film that’s been hailed as “a vision of the future of VR?” You’ll love Dear Angelica.

Directed by Saschka Unseld, Art Director, Wesley Allbrook

Illustrated by Wesley Allbrook with Quill, Oculus’s custom paint tool, Dear Angelica pulls you into the memories a young girl has of her late mother. Critics have described the film as emotional, “pure art,” and the most beautiful VR experience yet. Starring Geena Davis and Mae Whitman.

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