How To Watch SPINs
on the Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is an all-in-one standalone headset by Oculus. We have already setup the headset, synced the controller, and preloaded content in SPIN Play to make your experience as streamlined as possible. If you have never used a Go before or are new to SPIN Play please follow the steps below.

This page will walk you through the recommended steps for putting on the headset, adjusting straps for best fit, using the controller, navigating the Oculus store to access SPIN Play, and playing the preloaded Stories in your SPIN playlist.

When you open the package please check that you have a headset, controller, and charger. If anything is missing or is damaged please email or

Oculus Go Package

Unpack the hardware:

  • Oculus Go
  • Controller
  • Changer


Everything should be charged up and ready to go, but there is always a chance that the headset turned on in transit. If the power light doesn’t turn on or is orange then please plug it in for a bit to get the headset fully charged.

Adjusting the Headset and doing other things

1. Power on the Oculus Go by clicking the power button on top of the headset. (Fig. A.)

Turn on Oculus Go Buttons

Figure A. Oculus Go Headset Buttons

2.Adjust the straps move the device around until it sits comfortably on your head. (Fig. B.)

Putting on the Oculus Go headset animated

Figure B. Putting on the Oculus Go headset

3.Hold down the Oculus O Sign button on your controller to orient the headset where you are a looking. (Fig. C.)

SPIN Play controller scheme

Figure C. SPIN Play controller scheme

4.If aren’t automatically put into SPIN Play, navigate the Oculus Home bar and click ‘Navigate’, then ‘Library’, then click on SPIN Play. (Fig. D.)

Launching SPIN Play in headset

Figure D. In Header View

5. In SPIN Play you will see a gallery thumbnails of experiences.

6. Hover over thumbnails with your controller’s pointer and click the Play (▶) icon to begin the experience.