Hello Seattle is a Pixvana virtual reality video series that reveals urban environments, landmarks, cultural events, and the grand outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. Filmed by our Production Assistant Mathias Van de Kerckhove, this series is shot on the GoPro Omni.



Hello, Mathias


Picture of Mathias the Pixvana intern out in nature with a 360 camera

I’m a 22-year-old recent college graduate from Paris. After studying the International Baccalaureate in Oxford and graduating with a BA in Digital Arts from the University of Kent in Southeast England, I packed my bags and moved to Seattle.

I have been interning at Pixvana since July, where my job is to assist our Executive Producer Aaron Rhodes with content creation. The Hello Seattle series is a side project that I shot, stitch, and edit, along with some help from the GoPro Omni. Follow me on my journey discovering Seattle while I test the functionalities, limitations, and challenges of the Omni.

Hello Seattle starts off with a video of the quintessential Space Needle. Over the coming weeks, we’ll show you what the Seattle region has to offer. Next up is Middle Fork Snoqualmie River.




Image of a 360 still of Seattle Space Needle and EMPImage of a 360 still of Seattle Space Needle observation deck


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