Hello Seattle is a Pixvana virtual reality video series that reveals urban environments, landmarks, cultural events, and the grand outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

Filmed by our Production Assistant Mathias Van de Kerckhove, this series is shot on the GoPro Omni.




Middle Fork Snoqualmie River GoPro Omni


Hello Seattle: Episode II

Middle Fork – Snoqualmie River

Production Notes from Mathias 

The aim for the Hello Seattle series is to show off the diversity and range of sceneries Seattle has to offer.

Seattle has its downtown, a beautiful shoreline, great mountains and dense forests. After the Space Needle, I knew that I wanted to show the nature that is just a short drive outside the city.

This month, I wanted to present the area surrounding Middle Fork in the Snoqualmie area. The campground is about an hour east of the city. I’d previously visited in the summer with friends, and fell in love with the stone streams, pine trees and the mountains.

Whilst filming outdoors and learning to use our GoPro Omni rig, I have encountered a few tips to share with you.

One of the biggest rules with filming VR video is to put yourself in the shoes of the viewer and making them as comfortable as possible.

By keeping the camera at an average person’s head-height (around 5’7), I have found that the viewer will experience less disembodiment, and thus make the experience more immersive.

You may also have noticed that I am not present in any of those shots. That is generally because I wouldn’t want to distract from the overall experience, and would rather have the viewer focusing on taking in the surrounding nature than wondering about the behind the scenes. However, you can ask yourself where I’m hiding (hint, it’s probably behind a tree!).

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Hello Seattle. I always recommend watching them in headsets, but you’ll find that this week’s video can be used for meditation!

Next stop: The Seattle Japanese Garden

Looking forward to sharing many more places with you!





Middle Fork Snoqualmie River GoPro OmniMiddle Fork Snoqualmie River GoPro Omni

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