People in Oculus Go headsets VR Casting

Pixvana VR Casting allows you to share your high resolution 360/VR video content. Through the use of SPIN Studio and the SPIN Play app, users can securely deliver high resolution content to any device that is paired with a SPIN Studio account. Here at Pixvana, we’re wild about the Oculus Go and the potential it brings to move the VR industry forward. Its ease of use, relatively small size, and low cost, makes it popular among VR program managers and creators to display their content.

Watch Pixvana’s Customer Success Manager Linda Nguyen demonstrate how to VR Cast with the Oculus Go and setup advanced playback settings for the following features:

Auto Play: automatically launch videos in your SPIN from the moment a viewer puts on the headset. Removing the headset for more than 5 seconds will cause the playlist to start playing again from the beginning. Playback control on the headset and controllers is disabled in this mode. Switch your videos to Auto Play for easy access to your content when showcasing in an event environment such a Film Festival.

Download for local playback: download your videos for local playback so you can have access to all your content, no matter where you are!

Skybox Customization: Customize what your views see in the headset – switch the image to make your own logo to give your users a more personalize viewing experience.

Check out how our friends over at Greenlife and SIFF use VR Casting to showcase their content without worry!

Don’t have any content video yet? You can still try VR Casting with the demo assets we loaded into your SPIN Studio account!

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