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Download our new industry guide for media companies, content owners, and developers! Here’s what you need to know about optimizing OTT delivery workflows for 360/VR video.

Today’s Video Workflows Don’t Support Virtual Reality

It’s tempting to load 360/VR video into existing over-the-top (OTT) delivery workflows, but this quick fix ignores the underlying, medium-specific requirements of VR content. Without reinventing each step of OTT delivery for VR, media companies and content owners will disappoint consumers.

Current workflows break down at key pressure points that compromise viewer experience. Packaging content into a Unity application with a standard video projection format is the most popular distribution method. This process yields larger files that are not streamable, and cannot playback greater than 4K content.

Pixvana SPIN LaunchKit combines a new cloud platform for content management and encoding, along with an optimized Unity SDK for streaming VR video. By optimizing the entire VR publishing and playback workflow in the cloud, SPIN LaunchKit can deliver up to 16K resolution video.

Now is the time to evaluate your VR pipeline, implement cutting-edge solutions, and stand out from the blurry crowd.

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