Spin Launchkit Free Trial for Windows 10 Mixed Reality

We’re excited to tell you about the first-of-its-kind platform for streaming immersive 360 video content on Windows 10 Mixed Reality (MR) devices.

With our SPIN Studio publishing tools and SPIN Play SDK, media companies can now build custom Universal Windows Platform (UWP) 360 video apps and easily deliver content to viewers with a streamlined workflow. SPIN Studio makes it possible for users to upload, encode, preview, publish, and play high-quality 360 video on Windows MR devices, including headsets from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more. Using standard streaming infrastructure, the SPIN Play SDK enables publishers to quickly develop MR video apps at a low cost.

“360 video content is an important use case for Mixed Reality and offers viewers a sense of presence and engagement that is highly compelling for both consumer and business applications,” said Emilio Salvador, Sr. Director Developer Marketing, Microsoft. “Pixvana’s SPIN LaunchKit for Windows Mixed Reality enables all developers, especially those building media experiences, to integrate high quality 360 video on UWP applications with minimal effort.”

“Microsoft is pushing the MR medium forward with its cutting edge, high quality devices, and we’re excited to offer SPIN Play SDK and SPIN Studio as an easy way for Microsoft’s media partners, developers, and other customers to create and publish new MR content,” said Forest Key, CEO and Co-Founder of Pixvana. “Windows 10 is a powerful platform across devices and experiences, and with this SDK we’re hoping to further empower content creators with even more accessible and affordable tools.”


Free Trial

The free trial for SPIN LaunchKit (SPIN Studio + SPIN Play SDK) for Windows MR is available now.

  • One month free access to SPIN LaunchKit trial account
  • Trial access of SPIN Play SDK to develop Universal Windows Platform (UWP) streaming video apps for Windows Mixed Reality
  • Users can create their own branded MR video experiences
  • Upload up to 30 minutes (10 GB) of 360 video
  • Stream up to 120 minutes of content
  • Supports up to 12K master encoding in mono or stereo
  • Encode with equirectangular or Pixvana FOVAS (field of view adaptive streaming) tile format



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