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New Tools for a New Art Form

We’ve been working for the past year to develop cutting-edge software tools that encourage, democratize and perfect creativity for the era of virtual reality.

Imagine if anyone could create extraordinary VR experiences, whether an art student with a modest grant or a global agency with a multi-million dollar budget. That’s why we built SPIN Studio, a cloud-based platform for VR video storytelling and delivery.

We know that creators are frustrated with the turnaround time required to design stories in VR. For just a few minutes of footage, it can take days – even weeks – to put together an experience. If shooting and post-production could be done in hours or minutes, then the entire VR community would have more time to focus on content innovation.

We’re excited to announce that SPIN Studio launches today. It’s an end-to-end solution for stitching, editing, and finishing VR stories — all in a single app. SPIN Studio speeds up production time and optimizes content delivery. Anywhere and everywhere.


SPIN Studio
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