“Here, watch this, it’s great.”
Struggle, velcro. Silence.
“What are you seeing?”
“I don’t know… black?”
“Agh, okay. Give it back, let me take a look.”

Sound familiar? Ever since VR headsets came onto the scene, boy has it been a struggle to actually get viewers in and show them the potential. There are certain boundaries set in place by today’s hardware, firmware and the agendas of the relatively few platforms that exist today. But that doesn’t mean software can’t make huge leaps in making VR more accessible, especially in the scenarios where VR really shines.

Today at Pixvana, we’re introducing SPIN Guide, a set of tools that enhances your ability to understand what your viewers are going through when in VR. So you can rest easy knowing that you are seeing what they’re seeing, and being able to guide them to the right place should they wander off course.

First, SPIN Studio now allows you to send interactive 360° experiences via a link so that users can activate these experiences right on their phone or computer, without a headset. Pan around using magic window mode, or drag your finger around the scene. Use finger taps and mouse clicks to trigger interactivity. You can also embed these experiences on a web page so anyone can readily access them.

Second, a new application, aptly named SPIN Guide itself, is available for download in SPIN Studio. SPIN Guide runs on your Mac or PC and is the control center for your VR headsets, providing playback control and visibility into exactly where your viewers are looking, at any time, while they’re wearing the headsets. Start videos synchronously for your viewers, and seek them to the same place should you need to focus their attention at a certain point in the story.

SPIN Guide works spectacularly for events, because it works with all the devices online and connected to the internet, or offline and connected to a simple LAN. For anyone who’s ever tried to get wifi at an event space or conference to do a demo, you know what I’m talking about! Stop worrying about needing internet for your VR content to work, plus get all the benefits of guiding your audience.

SPIN Guide also gives you fleet management capability: know the state of the content on the headset — did it all download correctly? (Pro-tip: works with streaming too!) And even the devices’ battery levels. The new app is first being released for scenarios where all the devices are connected to the same network, but will soon be expanded to work across networks.

Finally, all this data is captured in our new Analytics module in SPIN Studio. Analytics captures your viewers’ journeys through visualizing their path and the events that took place as they experienced your story. Know how long they spent on each scene, what they interacted with, and when they were in VR. There’s a lot on our Analytics roadmap to expand this area, including more summarized views of video views and aggregated data to comprise heatmaps. Stay tuned!

Pixvana VR Video Analytics

We continue to build at an exuberant pace to help make VR more useful and accessible to the market. From our streaming technologies, to stitching, in-headset creation, and casting/guiding, this is all for you! We hope it continues to make VR fun, easy, and relevant for what you’re doing. Have feedback? Contact us or join our waitlist to get access to SPIN Studio.

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