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Today is the end.

The final conclusion of my six week internship at Pixvana. First, I would like to thank Forest and Aaron for hiring me. That was very kind of you, and I’ve done my best to try and repay that by helping out Pixvana with anything I can. Your company is doing incredible things with a brand-new reality, including making it available to everyone, including me! I think that it is very important for technology to be accessible to many, and not just an elite few. I am proud to have done my (very small) part in delivering VR technology to the public.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Emma Cooper – a Marketing Intern this summer at Pixvana. I’ve written for the blog (check out my posts on the Olympics, Meet Pixvana, Siggraph 2016, and our collaboration with Killer Infographics), and also was the voice for our “Meet Pixvana” video.

I’ve taken away a lot from this experience. I’ve become better at changing my mindset when I write. I learned to change my voice so I can write formally for a company, with the goal of presenting a professional image instead of writing in a casual tone for myself. Now, I can emotionally distance myself from my writing and not be upset when my work is edited. I know that my writing isn’t for only for me – it’s also for the new community that we are educating about new tools for VR , so I can’t always write how I want to write.

I think I’ve also realized the power of an idea during my time at Pixvana. Virtual reality is a technological frontier with limitless potential. It’s like an endless forest to sprint through, with new trails always opening up and new niches to discover. The powerful future of a new world inspires this company to lead and light its own way. Pixvana writes code and programs all day to create a product without compare.

And not only are we building a new machine, but we’re creating our own tools to make it. I think that is pretty incredible, and you can see this inspiration reflected in the huge VR community. VR is still so new, yet so many people are talking about it, meeting up, coding, and innovating. It’s amazing.

Pixvana Summer Party, people standing on a boat


King Kong on top of the empire state building


Pixvana Aaron Rhodes  working with VR CameraThank you to everyone for being so welcoming and friendly – shoutout to Jessica for ordering me lunch! Thank you Julia for being a cool boss and for consistently being the best dressed person in the office. Thank you Mathias for providing a daily stream of commentary and helping me turn on my computer. Yes, I already tried pressing the start button. Thank you to whoever buys the popsicles that are sometimes in the freezer – you’re the real MVP. It’s been a very educating six weeks, and I’m going to miss my time here when I leave this groovy open-floor plan office for the last time. Maybe I’ll show up again next summer…

For now, I’ll be focusing on school. This year, I’ll be a junior at Garfield High School, so I’m going to have to buckle down on SATs and AP courses. This fall, I’ll be racing with Garfield’s cross country team where I am a co-captain. I’m also the sports editor of the Messenger (Garfield’s student-run newspaper), so you can read more of my work here.

This has been a truly amazing experience, but it’s time for me to go back to my mundane high school life. All I can say is one last thank you.

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