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For the month of June, we released an improved SPIN Play experience for VR Casting that we think you are going to love!

We are listening. We appreciate and value your feedback, and today we’re excited to show you the results of our efforts to improve the VR Casting experience in SPIN Studio and the SPIN Play companion app.

Enhanced video playback quality 

The new version of SPIN Play uses an Oculus Compositor Layer to deliver high-quality 60fps video for fully immersive 360 degree with monoscopic content. You can now easily upload your own content to SPIN Studio and stream it to Oculus Go at the highest quality possible.

Built in settings in the SPIN Play app

Spinplay Settings

With the settings feature, you can choose to display video info as it’s being played, lock and unlock your content for offline mode, and restore your SPIN playlist to its original settings.

Download all feature moved to the SPIN Play app

We’ve eliminated the extra steps it takes to download videos for local playback. The Download all feature is now a button in the player instead of the SPINs setting within SPIN Studio.

Customize skyboxes with equirect images

Latlong Skybox Image

We’re taking out the extra steps it takes to convert your equirect images to cube maps. Instead of uploading a cube map to customize your SPIN Play app skybox, you can now upload your equirect images to your SPIN Studio account.


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