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Upgrade your 360/VR video workflow with Pixvana SPIN Studio™ and SPIN Play SDK, a future-proof system for streamlined publishing and playback.

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SPIN LaunchKit

With the SPIN LaunchKit free trial (SPIN Studio + SPIN Play SDK), users can build custom streaming 360/VR video apps and easily deliver content to viewers.


Free trial access to SPIN Studio and SPIN Play SDK, the new end-to-end cloud platform for delivering 360/VR video content.

Upload, manage, store, encode, and publish 360 video content.

  • Benefits

    One month free trial access to develop streaming video apps with SPIN Play SDK

    Users can create their own branded experiences

    Upload up to 30 minutes (10GB) of 360 video

    Stream up to 120 minutes of content

    Support for master encoding up to 12K VR masters in mono or stereo

    Encode in standard VR equirectangular or Pixvana FOVAS tile format


You’ve committed to VR content, but how do you reach users at scale?

Upgrade to our professional account for commercial use of SPIN Studio and SPIN Play SDK.

  • Benefits

    Tiered monthly access to SPIN Studio based on expected content volume

    SPIN Play SDK supported platforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows MR

    Utilize your existing hosting and streaming infrastructure

    Encode in standard VR equirectangular or Pixvana FOVAS tile format

    Platforms coming soon: Android, Web, iOS, Sony Playstation VR, Facebook and Youtube

Steam VR: Powered by Pixvana

Valve chose Pixvana’s SPIN SDK to power their new Steam VR media player. Instead of launching a special app, Steam users now get direct playback of VR video content right from the Steam dashboard.

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Pixvana and Valve share a commitment to an open VR ecosystem, which doesn’t limit users to proprietary formats. Content delivered to Steam uses the Open Projection Format (OPF).

If you’re an authorized Steam publisher, you can use SPIN Publish to directly export your VR video content to the Steam marketplace with a single click. See how to publish on Steam.

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SPIN Play Technical Preview

Experience the Pixvana Productions demo reel, rendered with Field-of-View Adaptive Streaming, on Steam.


"360 video content is an important use case for Mixed Reality and offers viewers a sense of presence and engagement that is highly compelling for both consumer and business applications. Pixvana's SPIN LaunchKit for Windows Mixed Reality enables all developers, especially those building media experiences, to integrate high quality 360 video on UWP applications with minimal effort."

Emilio Salvador | Sr. Director Developer Marketing, Microsoft

“SPIN Play is a real solution for our clients. We love the ease of setup, and kiosk mode makes it simple and secure to set up experiences in store for our clients.”

Jessica Michaels | Founder, Bread n Butter

“Being able to transport our fans and sponsors into the stadium and behind the scenes with high quality VR video is a transformative way for us to showcase our unique matchday experience,”

Kyle Sheldon | VP of Marketing Seattle Sounders FC

"SPIN Studio offers control and efficiency with our content on both the creation and delivering side. Speed and quality are in high demand from our clients and SPIN has both."

Stephen Jablonsky | Creative Director, Intentional Futures


Can I use your SPIN plugin inside a custom Unity application?

Yes. For partners, Pixvana provides a SPIN SDK plugin built using the Unity platform. The SPIN plugin enables developers to embed SPIN’s FOVAS-encoded playback into a custom app. The kit includes a player and project component that make it easy to embed streaming video into the Unity stage.

What format does your encoder support for streaming?

Pixvana SPIN content is delivered using three interlinked file formats: an OPF file for player setup and switching, MPEG-DASH for bandwidth and tile adaptation, and AVC encoded audio/video streams using the .mp4 format. SPIN Publish uses the publicly available Open Projection Format (OPF).

How is Pixvana SPIN different from Facebook dynamic VR streaming?

FOVAS technology is a variable technique that can use standard cube maps, equirectangular projections, or multiple custom shapes such as frustum, pyramid, etc. This lets you encode in a way that is appropriate for the content and the target platform. Our system is an open specification and 100% MPEG Dash compliant. The SPIN reference player is available to partners for direct integration in custom-branded apps that can be distributed directly to consumers.

Does the encoded content from Pixvana SPIN require a special player?

SPIN-encoded content can be played back on a variety of headsets using either the Pixvana SPIN Play app or the SPIN SDK. We use open formats and codecs to deliver content which can be accessed from either Pixvana’s cloud or from your own cloud/IT infrastructure.

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