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Pixvana is proud to sponsor the Northwest Film Forum’s 2017 Local Sightings Film Festival.

One of the best opportunities to watch and discuss independent film in Seattle, the 9-day festival showcases homegrown talent from Alaska to Oregon and features artist talks, performances, and networking events. The festivities also include parties, film conversations, juried prizes, and a VR program boasting world and northwest premieres. Check out the effortlessly cool trailer for this year’s festival:

Pixvana 360 Video Production Workshop with Scott Squires

Scott Squires, our Co-Founder, CTO, and Creative Director, will serve as a festival juror and lead a workshop on 360 video and visual effects (VFX). As a VFX supervisor, Scott’s work earned him Oscar nominations on numerous feature films, including Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and prestigious industry awards for The MaskDragonheart, and multiple television commercials. He also received the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Scientific & Engineering Award for Pioneering Work in Film Input Scanning.

Pixvana: What can participants expect from the workshop?

Scott: I’ll be covering two main topics: designing low budget VFX and creating 360 video experiences. Focusing on independent filmmaking, I’ll give practical advice about design and execution. Workshop participants should come prepared with questions and can also tweet their requests to me. What skills are you most interested in learning?

Who should attend this workshop?

It’s open to anyone who wants to learn the art of virtual reality filmmaking! I’ll start off with beginner and intermediate level tips about 360 video production and visual effects. I’m also happy to dive into more advanced topics for seasoned VR creators. My goal is for everyone who attends to learn something new, regardless of their skill level.

Join Scott for his workshop on Saturday, September 30, at 1:30PM.


The Maker’s Experience – 360 vs 2D Filmmaking with Pixvana’s Executive Producer Aaron Rhodes

Aaron has touched upwards of 50 blockbuster and indie films in his tenure and produced videos for technology clients such as Adobe, Hewlett packard, Oculus, and Nvidia. He was instrumental in the development of Magic Bullet, a pioneering color correction and film grading tool that gave digital video an authentic cinematic look. He has supervised on films such as Ironman, Die Hard IV, The Avengers, Sin City, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many others. He will share his expertise at a panel on making 360 content alongside Laura James, Tifa Tomb, and Tracy Rector.

Join us for the panel on Sunday, September 24th from 4:00 – 5:30 PM following a viewing of “Clear and Sweet 360” by Zoe Juniper.


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