Woman wearing VR headset at SIFF VR Zone

Through our partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival, we developed new SPIN Studio features to help you execute impeccable VR events.

Did you know that as many as 90% of festival goers are experiencing VR for the first time? It’s the very first time they will don a headset and feel the overwhelming sense of virtual presence that we all remember so well.

Introducing Auto Play

To mitigate user error at events, demos, and retail scenarios, we built three new features to ensure your content launches seamlessly. Say goodbye to complicated menus and controllers! Login to the SPIN Studio dashboard and manage VR video programs easily in the cloud: quickly organize media, pair headsets, and present flawless playback.

SPIN Studio Auto Play


Download All

Automatically download SPIN video playlists for local playback. 


Auto Play

Launch video experiences from the moment a viewer puts on the headset with a 5 second countdown. Controllers and headset playback controls are disabled to prevent user error. Removing the headset for less than 5 seconds will cause the playlist to restart from the beginning.


Loop Playlist

Turn on automatic repeat for SPIN video playlists.

Psst – Don’t forget about multi-platform support! To use VR casting, download the free SPIN Play app from Oculus Store (Oculus GO, Gear VR), Google Play (Daydream), or Steam (HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality devices). 


What Festivals Are Saying

“The ‘Auto Play’ functionality allowed us to run 18 headsets, showing 26 pieces of content seamlessly. One docent was able to run an entire room, where typically we would have needed 5-6.”

-Kim Voynar, CEO of WonderTek Labs and Producer of SIFF VR Zone

woman wearing vr headset at SIFF woman wearing vr headset at SIFF VR Zone

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Auto Play Tutorial


VR Casting for Events

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