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Pixvana SPIN is a new platform that simplifies VR delivery for creators and distributors.


SPIN Publisher and SPIN Player are the first two components of the Pixvana SPIN cloud platform. SPIN Publisher generates one-button encoding of VR content using our innovative field-of-view adaptive streaming (FOVAS) technology. SPIN Player helps businesses deliver VR video experiences to targeted audiences across all major headsets. We have also released FOVAS as an open standard to increase video quality and reduce bandwidth for VR video.


When a viewer watches VR video, Pixvana’s FOVAS technology ensures that the image will be sharpest wherever they look for a great immersive experience. The new Pixvana Open Projection Format (OPF) indexes the video streams into multiple tiled views, making it possible to stream VR video from a 50-megapixel master – 24 times the resolution of 1080p – using existing streaming formats, codecs, and networks.


Used in combination with the MPEG-DASH streaming standard, OPF will provide the industry with a flexible VR video delivery format that truly improves the viewing experience. Once released, the OPF format will let developers in the VR community create their own optimized VR video encoding system.


Pixvana SPIN Player will be available soon as a technology preview and Pixvana SPIN Publisher will be available in early 2017. Sign up on the product page to receive a link for our SPIN Player Technical Preview on Steam. You’ll also be the first to know when our beta program opens!

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