Check out our new video about Pixvana’s company culture.

We are excited to announce the arrival of our Pixvana culture video, born July 29th at 11:36 am and weighing 114 megabytes!

The film was the product of two weeks of collaboration between Carlos Key, and I (Emma, summer intern extraordinaire). Carlos, a descendant of our majestic CEO Forest Key and aspiring filmmaker, filmed, edited, produced the project. It was fun to have him filming around the office, recording employees caught off guard and taking artistic shots of the plastic dinosaurs on our front desk.

Beyonce blowing dust off of open book

I collaborated with the team to pen the script and made too many edits to count. We wanted to find the perfect way to explain what Pixvana was all about, but scripts don’t wake up in the morning looking flawless (unlike Queen Bey).

It took a lot of work, but we finally ended up with a product that we loved, which I read for the voiceover. Creating the voiceover was super cool, because Carlos used professional filmmaking tools to record. With a huge metal microphone, a filter, and a spinny chair, I felt like Selena Gomez about to record her next hit. And yes, I banged out a couple notes while Carlos was testing the microphone.

The project showcases Pixvana’s positive company culture through footage from the office and information about our values. We are an innovative startup that values communication, impact, integrity, growth, and passion and is pushing the bonds of reality to explore a whole new genre of storytelling. I hope you enjoy viewing this film as much as we enjoyed making it.

Producer Aaron Rhodes holding VR Camera

Pixvana Office

Man editing photo


About Me

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Hi, I’m Emma. I’m a summer intern at Pixvana, and I’ve been working to write blog posts and research the VR community. I’m also the youngest person here, a mere egg among tech dinosaurs. During the rest of the year, I’m a student at Garfield High School, where I run cross country and write for Garfield’s student-run newspaper.

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