Pixvana and Limbix Team Up to Create Virtual Reality Therapy to Educate about Adolescent Depression

Interactive Storytelling Puts Depression Into Clearer Context for High School Students

Limbix, a technology company using virtual reality to treat mental health, and Pixvana, a virtual reality solutions provider for businesses, recently teamed up to create an interactive virtual reality experience aimed at teaching teens about the various signs of depression, as well as providing strategies for managing the disease. Today, it is estimated that depression impacts up to 20% of youth aged 13-18. Pixvana was selected as a partner on this project for its deep technological, production and creative expertise, allowing Limibix to focus on what they do best — developing targeted lesson plans and integrated peer-reviewed research. As a result, the two companies were able to complete and deploy a first pilot of a high-quality and compelling VR experience for the teen audience.

Pixvana was an ideal partner for us on this project. helping with everything from project ideation to production and post-production execution,” said Elise Ogle, Program Manager at Limbix. “We were very excited about Pixvana’s deep expertise in leveraging VR as a medium to create high quality and engaging immersive experiences to solve real world problems. It was obvious the Pixvana team was just as excited as we were to build this content in an effort to help one of our more vulnerable populations in society.”

For their most recent project the Limbix-Pixvana team collaborated with researchers from Harvard University to develop a first-of-its-kind psychoeducational experience to help teens understand the science behind depression. The hope is that by educating teens about the disease they’ll be able to recognize the signs of depressions in themselves, or their friends, and seek help quickly. Pixvana worked alongside Limbix to develop the entire in-headset experience that would leave a lasting impression on young viewers.

To produce these compelling experiences Pixvana utilized state of the art camera technology to create an experience that would resonate with the teen audience. Relying on decades of expertise in visual and aural effects, Pixvana was able to deliver world-class 360 videos in 8k resolution with rich ambisonic audio. Pixvan was able to

With compelling narrative, appropriately cast acts, branching stories, and seamless transitions. The final production was shot at 8k stereoscopic and ambisonic audio experiences.

Pixvana is the only solutions provider that has access to proprietary technology. SPIN Studio, is Pixvana’s VR-native platform for editing, creating, and sharing interactive stories. With an end-to-end toolset, SPIN Studio empowers the Pixvana team to get their best work done faster. In this case, Pixvana was able use SPIN Studio’s VR editing software to quickly iterate on 360 experiences and share the changes in-headset with the Limbix team. This made feedback fast and accurate, reducing time to completion by days, if not weeks.

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There are fundamental issues with access to mental health care, especially for our adolescent population who is at an alarmingly increased risk of experiencing major depressive episodes,” said Elise Ogle, Program Manager at Limbix. “Despite advancements in pharmaceuticals and therapy techniques, treatment for depression is often inaccessible to young teens. That’s why we’ve teamed with Pixvana to leverage innovate technology to deliver VR solutions that can be made readily available to a tech-savvy audience with lasting impact — and used by healthcare professionals everywhere to improve patient care.”

Limbix is a trailblazer in its industry. It is one of the first companies to utilizes VR experiences to conduct effective exposure therapy for its patients and to make therapeutic treatment more widely accessible. Over 300 peer reviewed studies show that VR is among the more effective tools for treating mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction. Limbix has applied their research across numerous VR experiences with positive results.

Some of conditions for which they’ve deployed this unique approach include:

  • Exposure therapy for patients suffering from anxiety, trauma, or phobias
  • Skills training for to help those recovering from substance abuse disorders to practice responding to triggers and refusing substance of choice
  • And most recently, a psychoeducational experience created in partnership with Pixvana, to educate teens on the science behind depression, as well as ways to identify signs of the disease.

It was a fantastic experience to work alongside the innovative Limbix team in this nascent space,” said Rachel Lanham, COO at Pixvana. “They are pushing the boundaries on patient treatment by coalescing decades of research and funneling it into real world applications with real world impact. We hope this project can make a difference among teens by using technology to help break down stigmas that may exist about depression. It was an honor to be able to collaborate with them and are excited to continue work with them into the future.”

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