The Seattle Sounders FC brings fans into the heart of matchday frenzy with their first 360 video experience, produced in partnership with Pixvana and modern consultancy Intentional Futures.

Lace up your virtual cleats and join the team along their historic turnaround, journey to the playoffs, and eventual win at the 2016 MLS Cup championship.

Our Sounders VR experience debuted in clear 8K resolution on Pixvana’s SPIN Player for HTC Vive at a special event for fans at The NINETY last weekend. The experience is also available now on YouTube 360 and Facebook 360.

“Virtual reality has opened up an entirely new way to experience sports and we’re thrilled to be able to share a unique way to see the team’s incredible run up to the MLS Cup playoffs,” said Bart Wiley, COO of Sounders FC. “Sounders FC matchday is unparalleled in MLS and being able to experience it in virtual reality is the closest thing to being there.

“We’re proud to work with the Sounders and Intentional Futures to deliver the most immersive and most high resolution soccer content that’s been captured to date,” shared Aaron Rhodes, our Executive Producer at Pixvana. “A compilation of five games including the historic MLS Cup win, this VR experience gives viewers incredible access to both the fan experience and the on-field action. Thanks to Intentional Futures, we were also able to incorporate awesome graphics into the footage to create a fun Jumbotron effect throughout.”

“Storytelling in a VR environment can be a challenge, since viewers can look anywhere, at any time.” said Stephen Jablonsky, Creative Director of Intentional Futures. “We were excited to work with Pixvana and apply an entirely new visual strategy to accommodate a viewer’s attention so they don’t miss any of the action. You’ll be part of Sounders FC’s historic surge, standing inside the huddle before the game, and in the coach’s spot right on the field.”

The Pixvana Productions team had a thrilling ride creating this exclusive 360 experience. Check out some of our favorite production stills from the shoot:

Behind the scenes of our latest 360 video for the Seattle Sounders FC, produced with Intentional Futures. Watch and read more on the blog:

Posted by Pixvana on Monday, March 20, 2017


Production Notes

Camera: Omni GoPro
Stitching software: Auto Video Pro, Auto Pano Giga
Editorial: Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Teams (Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator)
Plugins: Mettle for motion graphics, Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Colorista for color correction
Distribution: SPIN Play, STEAM, Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.


Executive Producer: Aaron Rhodes
Production & Post: Mathias VanDe Kerckhove

Intentional Futures
Creative Director: Steve Jablonsky
Editor & Motion Graphics: Rosie Heffernan

Sounders FC
VP of Marketing: Kyle Sheldon


We hope you enjoy the 360 experience! Let us know what you think on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages, and don’t forget to share the film with the Sounders fans in your life.

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