SPIN Studio News 22, Oculus Gear VR Headset

It’s been a busy Spring at Pixvana HQ. From our launch of SPIN Studio VR casting to SPIN Play on Gear VR, we’ve focused on building the features you care about.

So for this month’s product update, we’re bringing you fresh tools for uploading audio and video formats that matter, along with a brand new app in the Oculus Store.

Show Off VR180 Footage

Team Pixvana is making VR even more accessible with support for 180-degree immersive video. SPIN Studio users can now show off “any degree” of VR video, like footage from the new VR180 Yi, Lenovo, and Z CAM cameras. Announced at CES, these inexpensive, point-and-shoot devices give viewers a feeling of immersion without the complexity of crafting a fully 360-degree experience.

Z CAM 3D180 Cinematic VR Camera (PRNewsfoto/Z CAM)

Z CAM K1 Pro

SPIN Play on Oculus

It’s easier than ever to use SPIN Studio for VR casting, the fast way to send immersive video to multiple headsets, with the brand new SPIN Play app in the Oculus Store. Download the app and start VR casting to Gear VR headsets anywhere.

SPIN Play on the Oculus Store

Immerse Viewers with Spatial Audio

Spatial audio brings 360-degree and VR video experiences to the next level of immersion. That’s why SPIN Studio and SPIN Play now support upload, render, and playback of first-order-ambisonic (FOA).

Woman in VR, spatial audio visualization

Get Started

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