Oculus GO headset

Pixvana is pleased to be a launch partner for Oculus GO, the new standalone headset from Facebook.

SPIN Studio and SPIN Play fully support Oculus GO, a breakthrough headset that allows anyone to enter VR environments without a PC or tedious wires. The headset has surround sound with spatial audio drivers build right in – eliminating the need for headphones. The SPIN Play app is available for download in the Oculus GO store.

Pixvana's team unboxing our first shipment of 30 Oculus Go's on the first day they were available.

Pixvana’s team unboxing our first shipment of 30 Oculus Go’s on the first day they were available. This is the device we have dreamed of, YAY OCULUS.

Send VR Video to Any Oculus GO with SPIN Studio

With SPIN Studio VR casting, you can easily organize, manage, and play VR video on multiple Oculus GO headsets. Use VR casting to share content for review, demos, events, film festivals, tradeshows, conferences, retail activations, meetups, hackathons, workshops, VR labs, and more!

  • Streamline device management
  • Customize branded galleries
  • Reach audiences anywhere

woman using oculus go headset

Get Started

Ready to show-off your VR video creations? All you need is SPIN Studio, the SPIN Play app, and Oculus GO headset.

  1. Sign up for a free SPIN Studio
  2. Upload and render VR masters fast in the cloud
  3. Create a SPIN playlist with one or more videos
  4. Download SPIN Play in the Oculus GO store
  5. Pair devices with SPIN Studio
  6. Start casting!


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