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Pixvana Team Building Scavenger Hunt

For our quarterly team building event, we embarked upon a fun and wacky photo scavenger hunt that tested our creativity, exercised our problem solving skills, and brought out a competitive edge in many of our coworkers.

After receiving a set of photo-taking challenges, splitting into teams, and beginning to strategize, we raced across Seattle in order to score as many points as possible in two hours. We were tasked with taking a photo of:

  • A team member “eating” the Space Needle
  • Our team doing something nice for a stranger
  • Our entire team’s reflection in something other than a mirror
  • A teammate jumping off of a swing (must be in mid-air)
  • Our team with a seaplane
  • Our team doing the “most Seattle” activity
  • A teammate fishing in a public fountain
  • Our team with a gorilla (not at the Pixvana office!)

PIxvana Scavenger Hunt

Our efforts to complete the challenges took us all over Seattle — a few teams checked out the Space Needle, others stopped by Pike Place, and some of us scavenged around South Lake Union.

Team Carrot Dip’s clever solution to the challenge “A photo of a team member ‘eating’ the Space Needle.”

Photo with Space Needle from Scavenger Hunt

A member of Team Fish at Pike Place Market — you can see how they got their name!

Team members holding a fish from scavenger hunt

Team InstaMark’s little-planet-representation of “doing something nice for a stranger” — they gave out sunflowers in SLU.

360 Scavenger hunt Photo

All of our treks culminated in a delicious lunch at Ray’s Boathouse, where we voted on the best photo taken for each challenge and discussed our strategies and successes. It was awesome to see the photos that each team came up with – each response was unique and creative. In addition to flatties, a few teams submitted gifs and 360-degree photos! Here are a few of the winning shots.

Team Slackers with their winning response to “A photo of a team member ‘eating’ the Space Needle.”

Post Scavenger Hunt Celebration

Team Gliders with a gravity-defying photo of “A teammate jumping off of a swing, mid-air.”

Scavenger Hunt Team with a photo of someone jumping off of the swings in mid-air

Team InstaMark’s little planet depicting “Your team with a gorilla.” Read more about Sofia the Gorilla, Pixvana’s VR Explorer.

Scavenger Hunt Team with photo of team and a gorilla

Many thanks to this quarter’s team building planning committee for making these adventures happen!

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