Pixvana SIXR VR Casting cameras

Team Pixvana visited the SIXR Cinematic VR challenge to give participants a new way to share their 360 video experiences with VR casting.

Last weekend, we attended SIXR at the Pacific Science Center to demo VR casting to an energetic group of creators. SIXR is a Seattle-based nonprofit that supports VR content creation with hands-on learning and experimentation. Their Cinematic VR Challenge gives participants 48 hours to collaborate and produce a 5-minute immersive experimental virtual reality piece.


SPIN Studio VR Casting at SIXR

We joined the last hours of the challenge to lead a workshop with tips and tricks for uploading and sharing projects with SPIN Studio VR casting. Our goal was to make it easy for participants to exhibit their work at the project showcase on Sunday evening.

As we began giving demos, the participants were impressed with how simple it was to review their content in a headset with a SPIN Studio account and the free SPIN Play app.

  1. Sign up for SPIN Studio
  2. Upload and render VR masters fast in the cloud
  3. Create a SPIN playlist with one or more videos
  4. Download SPIN Play (available on Steam for Rift, Vive and Windows MR devices; Oculus for Gear VR; and Google Play for Daydream)
  5. Pair headset with SPIN Studio
  6. Cast SPIN

Pixvana SPIN Studio VR Casting Demo

High-Resolution Playback

Aside from the ease of VR casting, the crowd was also impressed with the quality of the resolution in the headset. The SPIN Play app (download free for Gear VR, Rift, Vive, Daydream, and Windows MR devices) supports 8K resolution master files, bringing crisp clarity to VR video. We showed a variety of videos produced by Pixvana’s production studio, WunderVu, including immersive ads, sports VR experience, performances, and VR tours through artist studios and restaurants.


Pixvana SIXR VR Casting, SIXR Cinematic VR Challenge


Create a Branded Experience with SPIN Studio

Participants were also introduced to the method for creating a branded in-app experiences with SPIN Studio. Simply add your logo and a custom skybox to the gallery. At SIXR, participants added the SIXR logo and a still image from their project.

Pixvana Staff at SIXR, Pixvana VR Casting

Linda Nguyen (Pixvana Customer Success Lead), Diana Fairbanks (SIXR), Ali Cunlisk (Pixvana Marketing Intern)

With these tools, creators had everything they needed to use SPIN Studio VR casting to show-off their projects at the event final showcase on Sunday evening.

We had a great time visiting with SIXR and had so much fun doing demos with all the participants. Cheers to the SIXR team for their hard work and dedication!


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