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Pixvana is partnering with the Seattle International Film Festival to provide the content distribution technology for SIFF VR Zone, where audiences will explore the best and most compelling virtual reality and 360 video content from around the world.

The SIFF VR Zone utilizes Pixvana’s VR casting to manage and distribute content from SPIN Studio to multiple VR headsets. This innovative solution will allow SIFF to show its program of 360 immersive experiences to all attendees via a simple “pair-and-share” feature that securely delivers the highest quality content when the audience is ready to view.

Pixvana also released a new solution enhancement, called “Auto Play”, that generates a seamless experience for viewers at the SIFF VR Zone. Auto Play automatically starts selected VR programming the moment a viewer puts on a headset. This eliminates the need for the viewer to use the headset remote and mitigates any chance of accidentally exiting from the VR experience.

“We’re abuzz with excitement over the VR Zone at SIFF as it’s the perfect stage for our newest product advancements aimed at delivering a truly unique and streamlined viewer experience,” said Forest Key, Founder and CEO of Pixvana. “Never has it been easier for film festivals and event coordinators to showcase VR content and ensure audiences are completely immersed in an experience from the moment they put on a headset. As an industry leader, our goal is to continue making VR as simple and convenient as possible to consume by constantly innovating around the playing and viewing experience.”

“At SIFF, we strive to deliver a truly cinematic feel across all of the industry’s best immersive creations–and enable viewers from around the world to experience the power of VR by showcasing the boundless qualities of filmmaking in this new medium,” said SIFF Executive Director, Sarah Wilke. “Pixvana’s technology helps deliver the highest quality viewing experience for event attendees with simplicity and ease. We are excited to partner with Pixvana to power this unique film experience.”

“Long lines can be a real issue at VR events, and one of the things that causes those backups is the need to have a docent reset the headset content for each guest,” said Kim Voynar, CEO of WonderTek Labs and Producer of SIFF VR Zone. “With Pixvana’s technology and VR casting solution, there are no complicated menus to navigate through; all you have to do is sit down, pop on a headset and experience the piece you want to see immediately. Partnering with Pixvana to run our 360 video program allows us to maximize the number of pieces each guest has a chance to see during their 90-minute time slot in the SIFF VR Zone.”

About SIFF VR Zone

The SIFF VR Zone will run May 18 through June 10, 2018 in the Pacific Place shopping center, in the heart of downtown Seattle. The event will shine a spotlight on some of the best in global immersive and interactive content, curated from top industry film festivals from around the world, including Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca Film Festival.

Produced by Seattle’s WonderTek Labs, the program showcases a tightly curated selection of immersive and interactive storytelling from Seattle and around the world. The diverse slate includes a 360 African Storytelling section with innovative pieces from Senegal and Kenya; Greenland Melting, a new work from “Godmother of VR” Nonny de la Peña and co-director Catherine Upin; breathtaking new experimental pieces from South Korea, China, and Australia; immersive 360 music videos from Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and The Posies, and compelling new works by Seattle-based VR developers and artists. A 360 Youth section will showcase Tapestry 360, a slate of new 360 films recently created by seven Seattle youth, alongside 360 films created by a group of Syrian youth living in a refugee camp in Jordan, produced by Al Jazeera and executive producer Zahra Rasool. Check out the full list of content below the screening times.

The SIFF VR Zone at Pacific Place will include both 360 Storytelling stations, presenting arthouse-level 360 video content and an Interactive Gallery featuring interactive experiential content in 8-10 individual booths.

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