The latest Pixvana Productions film captures the Microsoft Build 2017 keynotes in 360!

We used four 360 cameras to capture footage and create an immersive experience of the conference. To get a unique perspective right in front of the speaker, we collaborated with the internal Build production crew to fashion a motorized, telescoping pole for the OMNI GoPro, which extended from the catwalk above the stage. We also had two cameras at the front, flanking the stage: another OMNI GoPro and a ZCam S1 Pro.  Lastly, we had the iZugar on the desk to capture the demos close up.

The 360 experience will soon be available in the Microsoft store!

participant at microsoft build 2017 wearing headset

washington state convention centermicrosoft build 2017, captured in 360 by pixvana productions, behind the scenesaudience at microsoft build 2017360 video still


Watch the Build 2017 Sessions
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