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Experience SILENT RESONANCE, the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s debut 360/VR film, at the Tacoma Film Festival’s VR Studio The Veldt.

We’re thrilled to announce that our 360/VR film SILENT RESONANCE will screen at the The Veldt, the Tacoma Film Festival’s virtual reality and 360 film studio. Featuring stunning duets choreographed by Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Price Suddarth and performed by Emma Love Suddarth and Miles Pertl, the film seeks to bring the viewer into the mind of a dancer. SILENT RESONANCE was directed by our CTO, Scott Squires, and produced by Aaron Rhodes and Julia Fryett.

Watch SILENT RESONANCE at The Veldt’s Preview Party on October 6th and for free at King’s Books during the weekend of TFF 2017.

Be among the first to watch this year’s 360 videos and virtual reality content at The Veldt’s 2017 Preview Party. Mingle with fellow lovers of VR and preview the 18 360/VR films on this year’s program while drinking cocktails from Bona Fide Potents & en Rama, eating delicious bites from Southern Kitchen, and dancing to Landmark DJ’s beats. The party starts at 9 PM on Friday, October 6 at King’s Books. The Veldt is free and open to the public the weekend of the Tacoma Film Festival. You can view the 360/VR films at King’s Books on October 7th and 8th from 11 AM – 7 PM.

These shots of last year’s party are a taste of what’s to come:

person wearing vr headset at The Veldt’s Preview Party

DJ and disco ball at The Veldt’s Preview Party

VR festival at The Veldt’s Preview Party

Tickets to The Veldt’s Preview Party

In addition to the VR program, TFF 2017 offers 360 video workshops, video booth sessions, and a panel with Malia Probst of VRScout, Christine T. Berg (Wonder Buffalo), Michaella Vu (Meta-Dimensional), and Jess Kantor (Love!).

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If you can’t make it to TFF, you can stream SILENT RESONANCE on Youtube and Facebook 360or view our Pixvana 360 Production Series for free in the Steam store using a Vive, Rift, or OSVR headset.

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