Seahawks Art of the Play Holodome

Experience what it takes to be one of football’s greatest with wide receiver Doug Baldwin in the Seahawks: The Art of the Play experience at MoPOP, produced by Pixvana and Vulcan Productions.

Holodome Experiences Debut at MoPOP

Pixvana is honored to be part of the production team behind Seahawks: The Art of the Play,  a shared immersive reality experience now on view in the Holodome at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP).

Holodome™ is a portal to other worlds – real and imagined – transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures with friends, colleagues and even strangers. By removing headsets, we provide the world a fully immersive, shared social experience. Holodome is a platform that encourages creators to do what they do best – create new content that transports us to other worlds.

Seattle holodome art of the play

One of the debut Holodome experiences, Seahawks: The Art of the Play was produced by Pixvana and Vulcan Productions. Join Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin as he prepares mentally and physically for game day – from grueling workouts and endless planning, to running onto the field and hearing the roar of the NFL’s loudest crowd as he scores a touchdown.

People Experiencing the Art of the Play in the Holodome

Holodome Experiences Now Showing at MoPOP

  • Justin Timberlake’s Montana: Produced by Valis, MPC and Vulcan Productions. Be the center of Justin Timberlake’s universe as he surrounds you with his music, dance moves, and a magical Montana landscape.
  • Death Planet Rescue: Produced by WEVR and Vulcan Productions. Step into this sinister sci-fi thriller for a dangerous but critical rescue mission on a deadly planet.
  • Songs of Infinity – Journey into a Black Hole: Produced by Kaleidoscope, JuVee Productions and Vulcan Productions. Fly through the farthest edges of the cosmos, getting sucked into a black hole and witnessing the power of two black holes colliding.
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