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Catch Pixvana Co-Founder Sean Safreed at the GPU Technology Conference! He’s giving a talk on high-resolution VR video streaming on May 9th.

Streaming 10K Video Using GPUs and the Open Projection Format

Tuesday, May 9
4PM – 4:25PM
Room 230B

Pixvana has developed a cloud-based system for processing VR video that can stream up to 12K video at HD bit rates. The process is called field-of-view adaptive streaming (FOVAS). FOVAS converts equirectangular spherical format VR video into tiles on AWS in a scalable GPU cluster. Pixvana’s scalable cluster in the cloud delivers over an 80x improvement in tiling and encoding times. The output is compatible with standard streaming architectures and the projection is documented in the Open Projection Format. We’ll cover the cloud-architecture, GPU processing, Open Projection Format, and current customers using the system at scale.

25 minutes

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