This week, our very own Co-Founder Sean Safreed sat down with Larry Jordan host of Digital Production Buzz to discuss Pixvana – who we are, what we do and why our software is the ultimate end to end solution for XR Storytelling.

Sean discusses various aspects of Pixvana including our own story and how we came to be the platform for XR Storytelling. He also brushes on what it was like diving into an industry that barley had its feet on the ground and the sense of creativity and openness that it took. Sean also briefly touched on what software we have available now, what is in Beta and most of all what is being released in our end to end launch in September.

The full episode also included discussions from Ryan Ritchey a Creator for, Nick Jushchyshyn a Program Director for Drexel University and James DeRuvo who is the Editor-in-Cheif for DoddleNews.

Definitely worth a listen!

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Listen to the Full Episode Here!
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