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For our year-end team building event, Team Pixvana met in Ballard for a day of reflection, inspiration, and strategizing for 2018.

We kicked the morning off at an improv class taught by Chris Dewar of Jet City Improv. Chris kept us on our toes as we pivoted in and out of exercises that encouraged us to improve our skills in dealing with ambiguity, communicating as a team, and being successful together. We learned that improv is an essential tool for learning to iterate on a frontier technology like virtual reality!

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After lunch, Heather Zweig and Forest Gibson, Operations Manager and Co-Founder at Pluto VR, spoke about their company’s culture and core value of shared management. Smartsheet’s Brent Frei followed, discussing how the company ignited global growth and paved a path toward a billion-dollar “unicorn” status. Hearing from fellow VR and tech startups always gives us valuable insight into shaping a vibrant, communicative company culture that enables rapid growth.

Next, Beverly, our Product Manager, Jim, our Chief Business Officer, and Aaron, our Executive Producer, facilitated discussions about our values, culture, and products. We talked about the importance of ensuring customer success by building a product that makes our users feel proud.

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The day wound down with a fireside chat with Pixvana Co-founders Forest Key, Scott Squires, Sean Safreed, and Bill Hensler. They inspired us by telling stories about the history of the company, key milestones, and vision for the road ahead. We then headed to happy hour across the street at King’s Hardware to share a round of delicious cocktails and, of course, a few games of skee-ball (who could resist!).

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