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We’re so excited to sponsor and participate in Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) 2017.

As proud Seattleites, we love supporting our local art and film community. There’s no better place than Seattle, a city at the forefront of XR (augmented, mixed, and virtual reality) technology and home to the nation’s largest film festival, for the cinematic potential of XR to be realized.

SIFF VR/360 Award

To recognize excellence and innovation in the emerging medium of XR (augmented, mixed, and virtual reality), we’re sponsoring the first SIFF VR/360 Award. The award includes a cash prize of $500 and the opportunity for global distribution on Valve’s Steam 360 Video Player with SPIN Studio, our new cloud platform for publishing and distributing VR video. The award will be presented at the Golden Space Needle Awards on June 11, 2017.

SIFF VR/360 Award Jury: Sarah Wilke (Managing Director, SIFF), Kate Becker (Director, Seattle Office of Film & Music), Julia Fryett (Director of Marketing & Community Engagement, Pixvana)

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Silent Resonance

Our VR film produced with Pacific Northwest Ballet, SILENT RESONANCE, is on view at the 360/VR Storytelling Pop-up from May 18 – June 10 at the SIFF Lounge. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the quiet yet powerful choreography of Price Suddarth, brought to life in beautiful, raw performances by talented PNB dancers Miles Pertl and Emma Love Suddarth, catch the film during SIFF!

SIFF Lounge Hours and Access

Free and open to the public from May 19 – June 10 during the following days and times:
Fridays: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturdays: noon – 7:00 PM
Sundays: noon – 7:00 PM
Memorial Day: noon – 7:00 PM

SIFF Lounge is located at the Pan Pacific Hotel (2125 Terry Ave) in South Lake Union.  Please use the patio doors to the left of the main hotel entrance, near Tutta Bella.

360/VR Storytelling Program

360/VR Panels

We’re also participating in the following panels:

Adapting Your “Flattie” Filmmaking Skills to 360

This panel is free and open to the public!

Saturday, May 27

SIFF Lounge
Pan Pacific Hotel
2125 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

Moderator: Nathaniel Pinzon (Wondertek Labs)

Panelists: Carlye Nyte (Sound), Lacey Leavitt (Mechanical DreamsVR), Diana Fairbanks (SIXR), Mathias van de Kerckhove (Pixvana)

Are you a traditional filmmaker interested in 360 filmmaking, but you aren’t really sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re curious about how cinematography, editing and sound are different in 360 format? Join our panel of filmmakers-turned-360-pioneers as they talk frankly about how they boldly transitioned their existing filmmaking skills into the 360 space – and how you can, too.


360/VR Storytelling PlayTank

Saturday, June 10

SIFF Film Center
305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA 98109

Participants from the film and VR communities will engage with visiting artists and industry leaders who are pioneering storytelling through emerging technologies through breakout sessions and hands-on demos and workshops in this engaging, “unconference” event.

We’ll be educating filmmakers about delivering high-quality 360 video content with SPIN Studio. Come try the new tools we’re building and receive a free beta access code!

The PlayTank will kick off with a Geekout Breakout Breakfast. Grab breakfast and coffee and join one of the topic-focused tables, where friendly mentors with expert knowledge of Spatial Audio, 360 Production and Post-Production, 360 Storytelling, 360 Documentary & Social Justice, Interactive Storytelling, and Ethics and Social issues in VR will guide low-key, organic discussion to kick off the day.

Downstairs in the SIFF Theater, Valve will be on-hand to make a special presentation about what they’re working on with 360 distribution, and Mettle CEO Chris Bobotis, fresh off the recent announcement of Mettle’s collaboration with Facebook on 360 post-production tools, will be in attendance to present a hands-on workshop on Mettle’s 360 plug-in tools for Adobe Premiere. Bring your laptop (with Adobe Premiere full version or the free 30-day trial version installed!) to fully participate. Participants will receive a free temp license for Mettle’s plugin tools as a part of the workshop.

Upstairs in the PlayTank demo space, explore hands-on demos and mini-workshops from Google, Pixvana, Mechanical Dreams, SIXR/VR Gear Co-op, Seattle VR, and AIE, or grab another coffee and chat and connect organically with other participants. The SIFF PlayTank is an open and collaborative learning and sharing space. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops and headset demos to share with others.



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