Present VR Videos at your Event

More events are featuring 360° Video to reach a deeper level of engagement among attendees

Event Managers and Producers are using Pixvana’s software to fully program content ahead of time, and delight their audience with a fantastic VR experience. Take advantage of free access of our software to power your next event.

With Pixvana SPIN Studio, you can build customized VR demonstrations and presentations for use in exhibit booths, conferences, and activities to capture the attention of attendees with an immersive presentation of your products and services.

Use SPIN Studio to enable your next event in VR for Free!


Make your next event more engaging with interactive VR experiences

  • VR adoption continues to rise with content featured in thousands of events worldwide
  • Truly immersive experience is the best way to connect with your audience
  • Using VR to overcome the challenge of managing guest experience at scale

Plan Screenings in Advance

  • With the VR Casting feature, send content directly to multiple headsets with a single click for seamless playback
  • Control your VR content and remove user error with Autoplay mode
  • Create a customized experience by adding event or company branding with 3D backgrounds and logos

To achieve the best experience for your viewers, use the highest-quality VR Content

  • Spatial audio and up to 8k resolution
  • Multiple video sequencing and interactivity to capture the viewer’s attention
  • VR videos can be shown at these events: VR Film Festivals, VR retail activations, VR conferences, VR tradeshows, VR demos, VR meetups/hackathons/workshops

SPIN Studio: Software for presenting VR video at Events

  • Pixvana’s innovative technology allows you to manage your programming in the cloud
  • Present your audience with a collection of videos in whatever sequence you wish
  • Distribute content across all your platforms with a few easy clicks
  • Load headsets with 360 Video and host your VR Event anywhere – no restrictions

SPIN Studio offers control and efficiency with our content on both the creation and delivering side. Speed and quality are in high demand from our clients and SPIN has both.

Stephen Jablonsky | Creative Director, Intentional Futures

Learn How

All you need is SPIN Studio, the SPIN Play app, and a headset.

  1. Create account
  2. Upload and organize media into playlists
  3. Download the free SPIN Play app on VR headsets
  4. Pair devices and start VR casting!

Don’t have any VR videos yet? You can still try casting with the demo assets we loaded into your SPIN Studio account!

Sign up for a free account, no credit card required.