Engage Your Students with Educational Content in VR

VR education is a growing trend as students and educators find virtual reality a fun and engaging way to learn and retain information.

Educators at schools and universities looking for an easy and seamless solution to integrate VR educational content into the curriculum for their students.

Pixvana SPIN Studio is a complete solution for organizing VR educational content and managing classroom VR headsets (such as the Oculus GO, Gear VR, Google Daydream) to deliver the best educational experience.

Use SPIN Studio to present VR educational content in your classroom!


Enhance the classroom curriculum with virtual reality

  • Students have an immersive, hands-on learning experience without leaving the classroom
  • Promote curiosity in every subject area and curriculum
  • Learning with VR content has been proven to improve memory

SPIN Studio is a cloud based software that seamlessly integrates with your lesson plan

  • Cloud-based solution requires no software to install and manage in classroom, can be accessed from any browser
  • Easily prepare for class by loading VR educational content beforehand to multiple headsets through VR casting with one click
  • Use SPIN Studio’s autoplay feature to ensure student participation

Educators are incorporating VR educational content in creative ways

  • Increase interest in STEM fields with VR content – for example, showing students how to solve math problems in the real world (volume of the Pyramids of Giza)
  • Use VR educational videos for field trips around the world or in the past to teach students about different cultures and languages
  • Provide hands-on experience of careers students are interested in

SPIN Studio: Software for presenting VR video content in your classroom

Pixvana SPIN Studio allows you to manage videos and present them to your students.

  • Display VR content on multi-platform headsets through VR casting for Vive, Rift, Daydream, Gear VR, and Oculus Go
  • Set up the videos you want your students to watch in our cloud interface, which will then “cast” the videos to the headsets in your classroom.
  • Works with all the leading VR headsets including Oculus Go, Rift, Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and more to come.

SPIN Studio offers control and efficiency with our content on both the creation and delivering side. Speed and quality are in high demand from our clients and SPIN has both.

Stephen Jablonsky | Creative Director, Intentional Futures

Learn How

All you need is SPIN Studio, the SPIN Play app, and a headset.

  1. Create account
  2. Upload and organize media into playlists
  3. Download the free SPIN Play app on VR headsets
  4. Pair devices and start VR casting!

Don’t have any VR videos yet? You can still try casting with the demo assets we loaded into your SPIN Studio account!

Sign up for a free account, no credit card required.