VR solutions for nonprofits
turn apathy to empathy.

Your organization has stories that can change the world. Drive your message home with rich and engaging VR experiences that have the power to increase empathy, change minds, and open wallets.

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Customers love our combination of VR-native technology and award-winning creative services.

Pixvana Trusted Partners

Pixvana will help us achieve our goal of No More Wildcats in Cages. We have 60+ lions and tigers that we’ve rescued from bad situations. It’s going to be easy and affordable for us to create interactive content about our cats, and show the world that we can have meaningful, educational experiences about wild animals without the barbaric practice of breeding them for life in cages.

Carole BaskinCarole BaskinCEO, Big Cat Rescue

By collaborating with Pixvana on our virtual reality film SILENT RESONANCE, we’ve been able to see the art form of VR enhance the art form of dance, and the sum total is inspiring. It’s Innovative choreography showing exquisite dancers in a new light, through a new lens, and to brand new audiences.

Peter BoalPeter BoalArtistic Director, Pacific Northwest Ballet

A fresh approach to nonprofit fundraising with VR solutions that drive action

VR experiences offer a brand new—and highly effective—way for nonprofits to immerse potential donors in faraway worlds, generating empathy about situations that were once hard to imagine or understand. Pixvana works with you to create tailored VR solutions that drive true emotional impact and have the power to change hearts and minds.

The Benefits of VR experiences for nonprofits


48% increase in donation rates after viewing virtual reality content for charitable organizations, compared with just over 38% for more traditional mediums like 2D video.


VR content drives as much as 3x the dollar value generated for awareness compared to traditional advertising methods.


Studies show viewers experience a 34% increase in empathy after seeing VR content and a 27% increase in emotional reactions
when viewing VR vs 2D.

The Power of Pixvana’s VR-Native Platform

When you work with Pixvana, you gain access to all of the most relevant tools and features you need to create, deploy, and measure the impact of your VR experiences.



Easily distribute your content to any device.

Presenter Mode

Presenter Mode

Coordinate group viewings with presenter controls, including simultaneous start, playback control, and viewer management.



Develop lean-back experiences that move stories along without viewer interruption, or interactive stories with that let viewers explore at their own pace.



Review content in your VR headset and make changes on the fly based on audience feedback.

Content Library

Content Library

Use our app or build your own, to easily organize your nonprofit experiences in a single playlist.



Capture critical audience data to gauge and optimize the effectiveness of each learning experience.

Our approach to developing tailored VR solutions for your nonprofit

Step 1

We work closely with you to understand your nonprofit’s unique challenges and needs.

Step 2

Assign the right production team to facilitate the entire process, from ideation to post-production execution.

Step 3

Examine our VR storytelling toolkit to identify the right features and functionality for you–hotspots, interactivity, gamification, and more.

Step 4

Identify the right metrics to track and measure progress– after all what’s success without feedback.

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