Turn lifelike experiences into real-world adventures with VR.

Give your customers the ultimate ‘try before you’ experience by using VR to create amazing journeys that transport them to new locations, sights, scenes, and adventures.

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Customers love our combination of VR-native technology and award-winning creative services.

Pixvana Trusted Partners

We are able to put people at New York Comic Con and other fan events they might not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. Helping people to share the experience of events like these in a virtual way is incredibly powerful.

Matthew ChiavelliMatthew Chiavelli | SVP of Digital, SYFY Wire

VR offers exciting possibilities for selling trips and promoting tourism

Virtual reality is the only communication tool that can bring real scenes and adventure to life in a way that truly ignites a viewer’s senses and passions. Giving a prospect the ability to pan across mountain tops, fly in a hot air balloon, or even scale the stairs of the Eiffel Tower motivates them to do the same real-life experience. Pixvana works with you to create tailored VR travel and tourism experiences. VR experiences can be created for destination and adventure marketing, virtual hotel tours, bringing art and culture to life, meeting and event space sales, and more.

The ROI of VR for the travel and tourism industry


73% of respondents are expecting VR to play an important role in the decision-making process in travel and hotel industries.


61% of consumers see an application of VR content in the travel industry.


31% of people who viewed an in-store VR tour said they would book the vacation.

The Power of Pixvana’s VR-Native Platform

When you work with Pixvana, you gain access to all of the most relevant tools and features you need to create, deploy, and measure the impact of your VR experiences.



Easily distribute your content to audiences on any device, anywhere: in hotels, at events and tradeshows, or to individual headsets, plus so much more.

Presenter Mode

Presenter Mode

Coordinate group showcases with presenter controls, including simultaneous start, playback control, and viewer management.



Add hotspots, hyperports, and pop-ups to create a complete narrative that allows viewers to actively participate in your travel and adventure experiences.



Review content in your VR headset and make on-the-fly changes based on audience feedback.

Content Library

Content Library

Use our app or build your own to easily organize your travel and adventure experiences in a single playlist.



Capture critical audience data to gauge and optimize the effectiveness of each travel and adventure experience.

Our approach to developing VR Travel and Tourism experiences

Step 1

We work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and challenges.

Step 2

Assign the right production team to facilitate the entire process, from ideation to post-production execution.

Step 3

Examine our VR storytelling toolkit to identify the right features and functionality for you–hotspots, interactivity, gamification, and more.

Step 4

Identify the right metrics to track and measure progress– after all what’s success without feedback.

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