On August 24th, Padilla Bay Resort was home to the 2019 Fidalgo Bay Day, a gathering place for environmentally-focused nonprofits and organizations working to promote Protection, Preservation, and Restoration of Puget Sound and Salish Sea.

One of the keynote events at the festival was The Virtual Salish Sea, a VR-powered 360° underwater tour of the area’s surrounding sea. The exhibition was created by Laura James, a diver, scientist, environmentalist, and Emmy-award-winning filmmaker from Western Washington. For this event, James used SPIN Guide to share the experience with groups of festival-goers at once. Guide empowered James to inspire a larger number of people than possible before to consider the consequences of local and personal action on this unique underwater environment.

“The immersion allowed by 360 video is by far the most powerful way to share the underwater world. People protect what they love, but they must know it to love it,” said James.

Throughout the event, 200 viewers (broken into groups of ~20 throughout the day) donned Oculus Go goggles, each able to look around the underwater environment at free will while being guided through the experience as a group. According to James, sharing the linear 360° experience to viewers at the event was seamless. In the future, she’s looking forward to the upcoming ‘push’ feature from Studio, which would allow conductors to automatically download experiences onto all paired headsets at once, rather than individually.

“Pixvana puts my mind at ease when it comes to events. I need the headsets to just work and Pixvana is making that a reality.”

SPIN Guide’s capability to cast to simultaneous headsets is unleashing the power of VR for events such as Fidalgo Bay Day, Greenlife Festival, Delridge Days, Senior living communities and centers, classrooms, workplace training, and beyond. Get a more detailed look at SPIN Guide (as well as the rest of SPIN Studio’s VR toolkit) here.


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