SPIN Upload

  • Move media quickly and securely to S3 cloud storage
  • Reliable upload and resume on macOS and Windows

SPIN Stitch

  • Group camera clips and stitch in one step
  • Reviewing stitching results in browser and headset
  • Patch nadir areas with logo replacement
  • Sync clips from unsynched rigs and devices
  • Correct stitch boundaries with interactive mask correction
  • Add external audio tracks
  • Adjust horizon lines and set center points

SPIN Story

  • Visual storyboard makes sequencing easy
  • Generate pre-roll titles
  • Advanced three-way color correction
  • Trim VR clips to desired lengths
  • Add hotspot triggers based on user gaze
  • HSL selective color adjustment
  • Adjust user viewpoints at cuts to focus attention
  • Triggers can link stories, and show titles or graphic overlays
  • Linear saturation controls
  • Create multiple versions of stories in a single project
  • Spatial audio support: binaural, quadraphonic, ambisonic, and stereo
  • Sharpness adjustment
  • Add transitions: fade to black, cross fade, and motion
  • Stereoscopic VR support
  • Add special effects to VR clips
  • Exposure adjustment for each clip