Ok, this is big. Like a billion devices big.

Today we are beyond thrilled to announce that SPIN Play is available in the iOS app store for the iPad and iPhone! This is a pretty big milestone for us, and it’s a big one for you, too. You’ve been viewing SPINs and Stories in VR headsets since 2017 and on the web since August. Now, with SPIN Play for iOS, you can watch Stories/SPINs on your iPad and share them with the 350,000,000 iPads and the 700,000,000 iPhones already in use around the world.


Here are a few things you can do with Pixvana’s SPIN Play iOS app:

  • Watch pixel-perfect XR content delivered seamlessly through the cloud
  • Use share keys and custom distribution permissions to allow one-time access or unlimited viewing
  • Explore your XR content by moving your device through the air or by using your touch screen to pan around scenes
  • Interact with elements like hotspots, quizzes, pop-ups, and hyperports to unlock the full potential of immersive technology
  • Get on-demand access to custom XR feeds on your devices by linking devices to your account
  • Stream XR content from the cloud or download experiences to your devices for offline playback

Now that SPIN Play is available on iOS, your content’s potential reach is about to skyrocket. Whether you’re creating XR experiences in-house or for clients, they’re more accessible than ever before: content can be streamed across devices or downloaded locally in case you’re headed somewhere with spotty Wifi. You’ll also be happy to hear that no matter where your content is being accessed, all user session data is sent back and consolidated in your SPIN Studio account.

SPIN Play’s iOS release is big, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. SPIN Play is a companion app to SPIN Studio, the world’s only XR-native platform powered by the cloud to create, scale, and measure your highest quality interactive training experiences with ease. Ready to get started? Sign-up today for FREE at https://pixvana.com/spin-lite.


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